Gesipa HN2 Hand Riveter

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  • Weight: 1,85 kg
  • Working range: Blind rivets from 3.0 to 6.4 mm Ø all materials, except PolyGrip® blind rivets with 6.4 mm Ø made of stainless steel and G-Bulb blind rivets
  • Working range alu: 6,4 mm
  • Working range steel: 6,4 mm
  • Stroke: 10 mm
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The HN 2 blind rivet hand tool has a tool housing made from high-quality, die-cast aluminium. The design of the HN 2 makes it highly stable and affords excellent protection against dirt. The gear-segment ratio, alongside the advantageous lever-arm configuration, reduces the force required and dampens the break-off impact. With the fixed housing lever and the handy grip design, the HN 2 is highly convenient and easy to use. Thanks to the operating lever, repeated re-positioning is also possible on the workpiece without any problems, which makes the tool particularly useful for installing excessively long blind rivets. The rivet mandrel container is fitted to the housing and can be swivelled around, allowing it to be emptied safely and with ease.

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Weight 2.2 kg


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