Gesipa FireFly Blind Rivet Nut Setting Tool Kit

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  • Total stroke: 9 mm
  • Weight: 0,75 kg
  • Working range: Blind rivet nuts from M3 up to M6 aluminium as well as from M3 up to M5 steel
  • Working range alu: M6
  • Working range steel: M5
  • Single action stroke: 1,8 mm
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The FireFly hand-operated blind rivet nut setting tool makes it incredibly easy to install blind rivet nuts thanks to its ergonomic design. The special lever arm configuration and ratchet mechanism makes it possible to use the tool with an extremely low amount of manual force, thus allowing you to save 40% in terms of manual force when installing blind rivet nuts. Without the need for tools, you can replace the threaded mandrel and nosepiece as well as make adjustments to the riveting stroke. The plastic box comes complete with mini-packs of blind rivet nuts in sizes M4 and M5 as well as an additional threaded mandrel and an M4 nosepiece.

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Weight 0.9 kg


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