The Taurus family of pneumatic rivet guns

Welcome to the brand new home of riveting tools from Gesipa!

We first began our journey with Gesipa Tools back in 2001. This was the year that the innovative Taurus range of pneumatic riveting tools was launched. Almost 20 years later this range is still leading the field when it comes to industrial riveting in a factory environment. In our opinion, the steadfast reliability of Taurus riveters typifies the ethos of the Gesipa organisation. Ruthlessly efficient, and with an unerring eye for detail, Gesipa products punch well above their weight for design, function, ergonomics, and most of all performance.

Our association with German brands in general actually goes back to the very first day we opened the doors at G E Tools Ltd, April 13th 1988. The very first brand we signed an agreement with was Gedore Tools, a family Company located in Remsheid, North Rhine-Westphalia. We are very proud to still be a leading international distributor for Gedore Tools today!

Gesipa Accubird 14.4v Li-Ion cordless riveter
Our biggest selling Gesipa product by far, the Accubird cordless riveter

Looking back over almost 2 decades as an authorised Gesipa distributor, there are many highlights and meomarable stories that spring to mind. Perhaps our favourite, and I know it’s wrong, is the day that a technician from one of the wind farm installations around the UK called into our trade counter in Rhyl, North Wales and bought what must surely be our biggest selling Gesipa product, an Accubird. Two days later, we were surprised to see the same technician back at the trade counter, ordering a second Accubird. Intrigued, Michelle asked the obvious question. You’ve probably already guessed the answer, the first one accidentally went over the side of the boat the previous day!! Accubirds should not be regarded as disposable!

So, with almost 2 decades behind us, it seemed appropriate to commission a brand new online store, and we’re really pleased that you’ve found it. There is some outstanding work to complete, but by the end of March 2020 we intend for this to be the most accessible, feature rich resource for anyone using Gesipa riveters. Feedback is always welcome, and if you have suggestions for improvements, please feel free to drop us a line using the contact form. Thank you for visiting us, here’s to the next 20 years!

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